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Advanced Options

Trusted Sites

When you receive an email that includes offsite images, the images in that email and all future emails from this site will be enabled if you have entered a domain name in the Trust List and clicked Save Settings.

You can delete a domain by highlighting it and then selecting Delete from the right mouse button menu.

Check Other Email Accounts

This screen allows you to set up details for email accounts that you want to check using WebMail. (You can check up to five accounts.) The emails in the listed accounts will be displayed in your Inbox folder.

  • Host Enter the address of the POP3 or IMAP mail server for the account. If you want to check an IMAP account, you need to add :143 to the end of the host (e.g., domain2.com:143).
  • Username Enter the username for the account.
  • Password Enter the password for the account.
  • Account ID Select an account ID for the account you are setting up.
  • Save Account Details When you have completed the preceding fields, click this button to save the account details.

If you want to edit account details, select the account you want to edit (i.e., select the appropriate Account ID), change the details as necessary, and then click Save Account Details.

WebMail Spam Options

This screen allows you to set up the spam filtering that occurs when you click the Inbox button on the New Message Summary screen or login to WebMail.

  • Reject List Any email you receive from addresses on your Reject List will automatically be deleted unless you select the Keep rejected emails in my Trash folder checkbox.
  • Accept List If you have used the Reject List to reject a group of email addresses (e.g., *@hotmail.com), you can use the Accept List to accept individual email addresses that would otherwise be rejected, (e.g., george123@hotmail.com).